Una Sola Bahía (USB)
Ciudad, puerto y región.
Communicating and transferring knowledge is much morethan just showing a product: it is an integral and holistic development inwhich many actors participate and that is based on the critical processing ofinformation, before, during and after the materialization of the support thatwill display what is intended to be communicated .

The main characteristic of our time is the huge flow of information availableabout any subject and the access to this information is instantaneous, massiveand free. That is why the intentional cut out of the information that ispublished or displayed must be clear, democratic, honest and must dialoguecontinuously with the reality of the society to which it belongs. Making thatcut out -and taking it to a successful result, equidistant from the needs ofthe author and the industrial process that will turn that thought into aconsumable object, is an interdisciplinary, specialized and grupal job, becausewhen an idea is brewed in a team, enthusiasm, creative inspiration, euphoria,energetic magic, connective sense and collective union turn up. Nothing iscasual, all parts are connected.
USB fué posicionada como un nexo, proponiéndole a los visitantes, (quienes pudieron aprender de la historia de sus predecesores) proyectos urbanos en curso, e imágenes que anticipaban el futuro: en los cuales la ciudad, el puerto y la región formaban Una Sola Bahía.

La muestra también apuntó a construir un puente entre la historia (pasado), la realidad que vivimos hoy (presente) y las visiones de la Bahía como un líder regional (futuro), ofreciendo soluciones tecnológicas para resolver el presente, pero con vistas al futuro.
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