A Brand feels, talks, thinks... Every brand has its his own personality, its own voice and universe. 
Doing Branding is create experiences.
The idea of “Community Powered Design” is to develop identity projects by working directly with the people from the group that is being defined; the concept is applicable to countries, regions, cities or institutions. The project’s cause is to develop an identity for, by, and with the people.
We want to link the branding process with its people.
Behind the brand there’s two sides: the institution and the community.  The community receives the message and make it grow. We work to have a strong identity for both sides.
Every brand has its his own personality, its own voice and universe. A Brand is more than a simple logo. We work thinking in every point and every element. Our first step always is the building of a strong concept. On that process we made workshops, interviews and quiz; that is the first step to create the visual lay out.
Actions, concepts, look and feel... are different parts of one big discurse. We create a solid brands experiences, focused in the connection between the brands and its people. And that's why we make the difference.
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