Where less is more and more is improvement. Where simple and modern stand for strong and powerful. We believe in branding’s innovative power, minimalism and simplicity put together to give unique brands with unique personalities. We own the huge capacity of synthesis. We make something big out of something simple through strategic branding and ingenious graphic design. Our creativity never exhausts, it continues expanding our boundaries.

Where less is more and more never ends.
Menos es más is an Argentinean Branding company, based in Buenos Aires, with a network of partners in New York. With more than 15 years of experience, the company dedicates itself to the development and positioning of identities for international and local companies, believing that a brand is worth a thousand images.
Menos es más is responsible for the identity of various brands in local and external markets, such as Duty Free Shop, Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires, ICBA, IAFIS, TED, Personal Music, Chungo, YPF, Coca-Cola, MyCT, among many others.
Building an identity, according to our studio, is a challenging process that solidifies over time to manifest itself through streamlined icons and a powerful communication strategy. From this perspective, we provides all the creative tools and communication elements for organisations, corporations, products and individuals to make their interactions with their target markets more effective, achieving a precise and remarkable differentiation within a competitive environment.
Director: Gustavo Stecher  - gustavo@menosesmas.com.ar
Gustavo Stecher, born 52 years ago in the City of Buenos Aires, is a graphic designer from the University of Buenos Aires. Founding partner of Menos Es Mas in 1997, developing strategic branding for different clients in Argentina, Chile, Panama, France, Germany and USA. He served as professor of history and design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Untref since 1987, and as guest lecturer at BIC (NY) and USD (San Diego). He currently heads the area of Branding Strategy and Consultancy, develops independent projects of Cultural Branding and identity and is in charge of the Argentinean identity project "nobrand." He gives lectures and seminars of Branding and Identity in Argentina, USA, El Salvador, Brasil and Germany.
Digital Director: Nicolás Castelli
Project Mannager: Renata Kándico
Designers: Juan Ignacio Paolantonio, Casiel Checoni, Charly d'Havé, Paula Kina, Rocío Mendez, Nicole Brandstater
Associated Designer: Pablo Mandel
Pablo is an Argentine-Canadian graphic designer. For more than two decades he has built a career designing books, working with renown architects, universities, and publishers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, and Argentina.
Born in Argentina in 1970, Pablo graduated from Buenos Aires University (UBA) in 1995 with a degree in Graphic Design, emigrating to Canada shortly after. He is a Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (www.gdc.net). His book designs have been published internationally and have been recipient of numerous awards. Pablo teaches workshops and lectures internationally about book design.
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